I am definitely a fan of Jessica and this awesome experience! my hair was a mess/wreck when I walked in and when I left...I am fabulous and stunning! I will be back time and time again! Great conversation and a fantastic experience! This salon, tucked away from the "others" and is definitely a hidden gem!!

~Shellie T.

 Jessica Soper is the only one I trust to cut my hair! Seriously, I live in Seattle and insist on seeing her anytime my hair needs cut. She does exactly what I ask and doesn't try to argue with me like others have done in the past. She is funny and smart so each haircut is a very good time. If you haven't used her before...GIVE HER A TRY!!!!

~ Adriane A.

I trust Jessica completely. She knows my hair and what works with it. She helped me transition my hair post-chemo to make each stage of the grow-out awesome. She is an amazing colorist and stylist too!

~Wendy F.

I have been seeing Jessica for 3 years and her work is consistently awesome. She takes the time to evaluate your needs and desires. Jessica is a total hair magician with intuitive hands. Totally recommend and well worth it!

~Kathy K.