Who will you meet here?



Jess Soper

Owner and stylist

Jess has been a licensed Cosmetologist since 1997. She took a break from doing hair full time from 2000-2010 and worked for Alaska Airlines and then a tech company where she ended up a software tester, so being a techy geek is her secondary passion. She came back to build her business when her twin boys were born in 2011. Starting back as a booth renter and moving up until she finally found her own space here in University Place. What she loves about UP and the Tacoma area is the sense of realness in people and she has found making the connections and meeting other small business people has become another love. In her free time you will find her slinging back coffee and commenting on IG and making friends!

Jess specializes in all hair and truly believes hair has no gender, although she does LOVE a short haircut and/or a long balayage. Working with people with sensory struggles and neurodiverse people are her primary passion. She loves to take what could be a scary and uncomfortable experience and turn it into something fun or at least tolerable. She believes in being completely nonjudgmental, realistic and honest about what you can achieve with your hair and what your lifestyle allows.

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